About the game

Coated is

a puzzle game where you play as an alien called Coateee in a different world. You coat yourself with colors in order to escape and hide from enemies. You can navigate through the levels going back and forth between them to solve your current puzzle.

The game is directed toward both adults and children. Adults will appreciate the clever user of color and young children will learn all about color. It is a game, an adventure, and a lesson.

This is the first part of a full game contains 6 worlds. Each world contains 25 levels plus a boss fight. There are more hidden levels, worlds, mods, and secrets which make the game more interesting. Each world will be released as an episode, but now here is the first one.

Enjoy the game's unique mechanics while hiding from enemies and solving puzzles. Everything in Coated’s world depends on colors. You can coat yourself, as well as merge, multiply, & subtract colors to create a different color. Color is also integral in how you interact with most of the objects in the environment.

Awards & Recognition


Coated was one of the 8 Finalists at the main competition of the Independent Game Festival - China 2013


Far away from home, Coated been a finalist in the 2013 Indie Game Contest (IGC) at France as part of the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival.


At the first time in (TGS) Tokyo Game Show's history to host Indie games, Coated got a chance to be one of the TGS-Indie area selections.


Anyone could talk about Coated...

First of all thanks for reaching this part of the tiny website, I appreciate your interest about spreading your experience with coated to the community and gamers.

As you might have read that Coated been in development for 5 years or little more. During all this time the game have been evolved and been re-created several times as a one person passion to deliver the game as the best, most unique game as possible.

The first version of Coated VS the current Coated

Here you can download the presskit which includes some screenshots and the game icon. For the videos it is better to watch them on youtube (while the video size is huge, links were provided below in order to reduce your downloading time).



For any other requests, inquiry, press copies, free keys, or even say hello; please don't hesitate to shoot an email to: info@coated-game.com


Just in case,...

Development Facts

Here are few facts that might made you interested about the development of the game:

  1. Coated been developed and totally created by one person. Just one person done all the code, art and design.
  2. The game was built 3 times from scratch, and the first version was a flash 2d game.
  3. After 3.5 years of development, I figured out that I'm a color blind person! and that was while showcasing the game at the IGF pavilion during GDC China 2013.
  4. Coated has it's own scripting language called CO2L, which means Coated Console Language, and it has it's own simple syntax.
  5. Coated is the only game that has a color blind mode, and that came into the game after the discovery from the previous point.
  6. My wife was the main tester who reported 150 bug out of the ~250 discovered bug during the development course.
  7. Coated's menu were the first gameplay full menu, and some people started to clone parts of the idea. If you succeed to "Start" a level, then you passed the tutorial!
  8. While this version of the game is only 25 level with a boss fight, but the whole game code and assets was built for a 6 worlds game with over than 150 level. But the decision came to make the game smaller at the beginning, and if the fans insists, the other episodes will be release.
  9. Only one computer been used with 3 OS running simultaneously.
  10. Over 30 different computer were used to test the game.
  11. Coated should been out a while ago, but I decided to keep it with me as much as possible trying to refine and tweak more and more.
  12. I started Coated while being single, and shipped it while being married with two kids, the oldest is over than 4 years old!
  13. A huge part of me still trapped inside the game!